30 Days of Thanks: Sincerely iPhone apps

Alex Ragsdale

Posted on November 3, 2012

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My best friend moved to Azerbaijan about a year ago, leaving me with lots of new methods of communication to be thankful for. We lean on FaceTime and email for quick catch-ups and day-to-day stuff, and I don’t know what kind of mess I’d be without those. But even in 2012, it takes a month to send mail from Baku to Houston. Enter Postagram, an iPhone app owned by Sincerely.

Postagram lets Matt take a picture with his iPhone, upload it to the app, add a message and send a custom postcard to my address in Houston. It arrives in a couple days. And when I receive it, I can scan a QR code in the app to let Matt know I received the postcard and post to social media (yes, a useful application of the QR code). The minimalist in me also loves that the picture is perforated and repeats the message and date on the back, so I can pop it out of the postcard and throw away the rest of it. There’s also an Android app or a web interface for sending postcards, if you’re into that. Here are some postcards Matt sent me earlier this year:



Getting hooked on Postagram eventually turned me on to the rest of Sincerely’s suite of apps. I’ve set my photos free from my phone by having prints of my pictures mailed to me through Dotti, which kind of turns your phone into an old disposable camera. Popbooth is the easy winner in the photobooth app game — it lets you email or post your photo strips or (obvs) have them mailed to you. And even as a person who’s not really into “stuff” and thinks greeting cards are almost universally tacky, Sincerely Ink has won me over with some well-designed cards.

I really enjoy Sincerely’s knack for making old communication mediums fun with very pretty and fun to use apps. And it’s the best kind of surprise to get a message from someone halfway across the world without having to deal with timezone math, so it’s easy to be thankful for Postagram and the rest of Sincerely’s apps.

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