What great minds are growing at SchipulCon next week?

Katie Laird

Posted on September 29, 2011

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Have fun with cool people at SchipulCon

With our SchipulCon 2011 event just around the corner – one more week!! - we love seeing the variety of attendees that are making their way to Houston to grow their brains, bottom lines and connections with us!

But with so much amazing and varied information and sessions, who can benefit from attending SchipulCon?  Well, what a great question :)

Business Owners get profitable

Business owners, managers, nonprofit executives and entrepreneurs are excited about our Profit track at SchipulCon this year.  With a focus on growing your organization, building a stellar sales team, finding online metrics that matter and using Social Media to do competitive due diligence – we want you to walk away with actionable ideas that will make a noticeable difference in your business world.

Nonprofits get their marketing and community building learn on

Nonprofit organizations face big challenges with limited resources.  SchipulCon’s focus on world changing technology, best practices for offline meets online community building, tips from seasoned association leaders and exceptionally cool video and photography training can help you make a splash in whatever nonprofit capacity you serve.

Marketers grow their online tactics to-do list

You’ve probably been to a million online marketing conferences that cover the same fluffy content, time and time again.  We don’t do that here.  Expect to go out of your comfort zone and pick up unexpected skills and tactics to help you rock it out.

Maximize your rich media content strategy by learning how to optimize your ‘stuff’ on the Web, organize and promote buzz-worthy offline events, leverage your audience’s enthusiasm by engaging in PR stunts, learn what ‘mobile strategy’ truly means and SO much more.

Tech geeks revel in open source and tech nerdiness

The Schipul crew are all geeks at heart and part of what makes this SchipulCon event so special this year is our incorporation of some hands on demos you’ll get to enjoy.  Learn how to fly an RC helicopter, revel in local robotics groups’ innovation, pick up some basic Processing and Arduino skills, discover how to create a secure Google Chrome browser plugin and leverage open source collaboration tools.

Are you ready for SchipulCon awesomeness?!?

Be sure to grab your tickets while you still can for our October 6th and 7th SchipulCon 2011 event!  With keynotes from visionaries like Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, and Steven Gonzalez, Director of Innovation for NASA, and speakers from around the country – you’ll leave with a better understanding of what’s next and an inspiring mix of new technologies, tactics and future collaborators.

Follow the buzz on Twitter (folks will be using the #SchipulCon hashtag before, during and after the fun), check out our fab speakers, peek at some of the folks you’ll be partying with from our kick off event and get those tickets!  Our shiny new Day Pass tickets are just the, well, ticket if you can only make one day.  Don’t delay!

Can’t wait to see you there!  

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